Cases, Cases, Cases; Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

by | Jun 10, 2022

If only we had Kary Mullis to speak some sense to the world

My son woke up last night in the middle of the night, so in the morning I had him tested. He came back positive. I’m devastated. I cried so hard – and he cried too – and I told him I’m sorry,” Ms. Forevermasker dolefully said on the recess yard.

“I just tested my daughter, too. She had a bellyache yesterday so my husband and I thought we should test her. Thank God she came back negative,” Mrs. Muzzlemouth replied.

Nurse Nincompoop chimed in: “Numbers are up!”

This is the conversation I overheard on my second last day as a teacher at the school that let me go. These aforementioned bright-bulbs teach children to fear an unremarkable pathogen and they model neurotic hypochondria by never taking off their ridiculous masks when indoors.

Never, ever.

I don’t think I saw Ms. Forevermasker’s face inside the building a single time the whole year. She bravely let her guard down outside on field day, though, since she deemed it windy enough for the super-duper virus to blow by her empty head.

Ms. Forevermasker’s son goes to my former school, too, and he never takes off his cloth covering inside either. One can only assume that he “masks-up” whenever he goes anywhere since his mother has prevented him from having a normal existence at school. He “tested positive” anyway.

This will not matter to Ms. Forevermasker when it comes to masking her child. Her son will continue to mask. Ms. Forevermasker has embraced a lifestyle of perpetual germ warfare and will never allow her child to discard his make believe shield.

Mrs. Muzzlemouth missed school for a couple days after getting injected for the third time with mRNA back in the winter. Side-effects, she said. She also missed two weeks of school early in the year after she had a bad bout of Covid. She was “fully vaccinated,” of course, when she got sick. One morning I overheard her talking about taking a fourth jab. Even after a fourth injection, or however many more her body can withstand, she will surely keep her KN95 tightly over her face. And she will keep getting tested, and testing her kids, too.

These two teachers, and this school nurse, think a positive test result alone with the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test – or an antigen test – has clinical relevance.

And they, along with others like them, are why we remain in a testing epidemic.

Since any bodily discomfort is the fault of SARS-CoV-2, everyone must keep testing, testing, testing for a virus that causes a disease so nasty that it mimics allergies.


Could Mrs. Muzzlemouth’s daughter’s stomach ache be a result of, I don’t know, something she ate?

Could Ms. Forevermasker’s son spend too much time looking at a screen in the evenings, keeping him up and disrupting his sleep cycle?

These plausible hypotheses do not factor into the minds of those who adhere to the tenants of the Covid Cult.

The super-duper virus is always to blame.


When parents have their kids tested they will only find “a whole lot of something out of something,” which “[won’t] tell [them] if [they’re] sick [or] that the thing that [they] ended up with really was going to hurt [them] or anything like that,” as Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize winning biochemist and inventor of the PCR test explained.

Too bad so few have taken heed to the words of the man who invented the method that has allowed this global psychological operation to persist. And too bad that Kary Mullis died in late 2019. He would have spoken out against the misinterpretation of PCR test results right from the beginning of this debacle.

He could have helped end this mess by telling people to stop testing. And to stop testing their kids.

Maybe then a bellyache could just be a bellyache and late-night restlessness could just be that as well.

But, alas, the scamdemic continues with cases, cases, cases.

And numbers, numbers, numbers.

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Inventor of PCR Test, Kary Mullis: “With PCR you can find almost anything in anybody.”

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