The Great Lie And The Data That Shows It

by | Mar 28, 2023

I confess. I still think it’s worth calling out the lie behind the covid cult.

Mike Yeadon, former VP and Chief Scientist for Respiratory Disease at Pfizer, seems to agree. He just penned a piece pleading with the scientific community to join him in exposing the ruse at the heart of the covid narrative: there was no virus. There never was a virus. It was all a fraud.

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He’s not alone. For three years now, Tom Cowan, Andy Kaufman, Amandha Vollmer, and so many other doctors, scientists and journalists, have made clear that the virology “experiments” justifying the covid narrative were profoundly fraudulent: that no “SARS-CoV-2 virus” was ever actually found.

They have been met with a chorus from the mainstream that has shouted them down and told them to shut up and trust the science, not critique it, and from much of the “critical community” that continually shrinks away from calling out the Great Lie behind the Great Reset, claiming that the science is just too hard to comprehend, and that they will lose their audiences if they speak about it.

So still we sit in this stew of lies, with nary a nabob to call the emperor naked.

But if we can take just a moment to look at the all-cause mortality data, the case that a deadly new disease ever ravaged the world in 2020 reveals itself as entirely absurd.

The mortality data just isn’t consistent with contagion.

Take a look at this chart below:

great lie

Could it be any clearer?

At the top, we see the “death spike” from 2020 in the UK. At the bottom, we see the Midazolam prescription rate spike in the UK – Midazolam being one of the key drugs forced upon hospital patients as a preface to ventilating them, a process which was later shown to result in 90 percent of the patients dying.

Does that look like contagion to you? Or does it look like, perhaps, all those people were killed by the hospital system?

The graph is from the UK, but similar graphs exist in the US and other parts of the world.

Below, for example, is the “covid” death spike that can be seen in the US mortality data from 2014 to 2020 – from dissident Professor Dennis Rancourt’s extraordinary paper on all-cause mortality here. Do notice how the death spike in 2020 comes immediately AFTER the red line indicating the date lockdowns were ordered and hospital protocols were changed.

great lie

Access to prescription data over time for Midazolam is harder to come by in the US, but here and here are a few of the many reports that came out during the period about how US hospitals were ventilating people in such large numbers that the nation was running out of paralytic drugs.

As these and other graphs show, here is what happened in 2020, all of which is totally uncontested and entirely inconsistent with the spread of a contagious deadly disease. 

Here is a chart from the World Economic Forum itself, which I believe they copied from the Financial Times.

great lie

Notice the following uncontested fact: deaths were entirely normal the entire winter and early spring, across the entire world, and then deaths suddenly spiked, in every locale where they spiked, immediately after lock-downs and the associated change in hospital protocols dictated by the WHO and other medical authorities.

There was no gradually rising curve that would suggest a new contagious disease was spreading.

Deaths just suddenly spiked up in disparate locations, as if SARS-COV-2 viruses had been making their way undercover through the nations of the world, then hiding underground like some kind of terrorist network, waiting until all their little virus watches all chimed in agreement that it was time to attack. The idea that we would see normal death rates the entire winter across the world and then see a sudden and massive coordinated spike in mortality due to the spreading of a contagious disease is preposterous.  It’s consistent with a huge bout of toxic air pollution suddenly let into the atmosphere, a nuclear explosion, an alien invasion and/or organized murder, but it is not consistent with a contagious pathogen. How did this pathogen so cleverly jump from person to person without killing anyone until it was around the entire world, and then suddenly kill all these people at the same time? How did it coordinate with its other virus cousins in other countries not to hurt anyone until the agreed upon date?

If there truly were a contagious respiratory disease floating through the air, starting in the fall of 2019 in China, we would have seen at the very least, a steady increase in the numbers of people dying during flu season, but we saw no such thing. As far as world mortality figures go, 2020 was actually a mild season for all cause mortality, until the day the WHO declared a pandemic, and hospitals changed their protocols, at which point people started dying in large numbers.

Then….deaths suddenly plummeted, again across the entire world, returning to a normal death rate after less than two months – despite no “cure” having been found. Were a contagious disease to have been ripping through the world, killing people left and right, deaths would have continued to climb until a cure was found or “immunity” to it having gradually been achieved – but no new cure was heralded and put into place around the world in late May of 2020, and no imaginary model of immunity could possibly explain deaths falling right back to normal over the course of less than two weeks, in city after city, nation after nation.

No, a sudden stop in deaths in the same two weeks around the world is not consistent with a gradual gaining of immunity, it is indicative that something stopped the killing.  Could it be that hospitals stopped shoving their dangerous protocols literally down people’s throats? Coincidentally, that is exactly what happened (also see here). But I am getting ahead of myself.

Notice how a rise in deaths occurred only in highly localized areas. We saw a significant rise in deaths in France, but not Germany, the Netherlands but not Norway. Europe but not Africa. How could a contagious disease not spread in similar and even neighboring places?

Why did deaths increase drastically in NYC but barely a nod in San Francisco? Why Milan but not Rome? Why Paris, but not Luxembourg? Such localized mortality increases are not consistent with a contagious disease spreading through the world population. The entire idea of a contagious disease is that it spreads from person to person. It’s the height of absurdity to claim that a disease spread through Europe, but skipped whole cities, whole nations, and even large parts of nations. “Airplanes?” (as RFK Jr. stammered to suggest in an interview with Rancourt) is not an answer – first, much of inter-European traffic is on rails, buses and cars, but more important, flights were just as common between London (high deaths) and its vacation market Lisbon (low deaths), as they were between London (high deaths) and Milan (high deaths), or just as frequent between Paris (high deaths) and Berlin (low deaths).  Who would argue that travel between Milan (high deaths) and Rome (low deaths) was less frequent than travel between Milan and other places? This sure would have to be one picky virus! Perhaps it prefers growing in bodies who eat cold meat spreads over places that eat more sauce-based foods? No, France was high in deaths. Perhaps sunnier places do better than colder ones? No, Spain far outpaced Germany in the death race. Hmmm. Perhaps this is an inane line of reasoning?

According to the (now widely recognized as entirely invalid) “testing” that happened, all these nations showed similar numbers of “infected” people. So one could argue, I suppose, that the super sneaky virus travelled through certain countries but that these people were “immune” to it, yet still passing it on (a whole other can of absurd-worms). So, for instance, the French were not immune to it, but the Germans were.  But why would that be the case? Why would the Portuguese be immune, but not the Spanish? The Norwegians, but not the Dutch? The Danish but not the Swedes? Have we reached peak absurdity yet?

In the US, most states saw no rise in deaths at all – even though they “tested” for having the virus at the same rate as places where many died. For instance, California saw no large rise in all-cause mortality, while New York and New Jersey led the nation. Are Californians immune to the virus but New Yorkers aren’t? Everyone I know who lives in California moved there from New York at some point.

But let’s go on. Below is a chart of all-cause mortality in each of the 50 states from (no less a place than the heart of the beast itself) Johns Hopkins Professor Genevieve Brandt’s extraordinary paper on US mortality data (showing that even including the rise in deaths in April of 2020, no statistically significant change in mortality was even seen in the US, and that the “excess death” figures bandied about had been manipulated statistically by suppressing the overall population number).

Note how these graphs mirror all the other graphs we’ve seen, and how the rise in deaths occurred in places that locked people in their homes and kept them isolated from each other, but largely did not occur in places that didn’t do that. Are we to believe that a contagious disease spread faster among isolated people in New Jersey than in Des Moines or Salt Lake City where people continued mingling in their normal lives?  The five states named in black are the only ones that never instituted “stay-at-home orders.” What do you notice about their mortality rates as opposed to NYC and New Jersey, which aggressively locked their citizens in their homes?

When this simple and uncontested data is looked on as a whole, it’s impossible to account for the rise in deaths as the result of contagion without contorting one’s thinking into absurdity. These “viruses” would have had to zip around the world, going from person to person without making them sick, carefully waiting and checking their billions and billions of watches, and then suddenly springing upon only certain populations at a furious pace, but refusing to spread beyond key municipal borders, and then suddenly halting their own spread, stopping dead in their tracks, nearly everywhere on earth.  The “viruses” would have to have timed themselves to attack on nearly the exact day after the lockdowns, and to have specifically attacked people in places that locked down, but not so much those who continued to mingle with each other. They would have to be the single smartest, most conniving sub-microscopic particle network in the history of fictional entities.

You have to have been fully hypnotized into hysteria to believe this is what happened.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out as well that no contagious “SARS-CoV-2” virus has ever, to this day, actually been isolated in any laboratory in the world. None. Ever. Not once. What is being sold at labs around the world is a lab-created mixture of snot and numerous other ingredients only claimed, but not a single time proven, to contain within it “SARS-CoV-2.” This too is absurd. And we don’t even have to mention that “case” counts were generated by a PCR “test” whose invalidity has been so beaten to the ground most thinking people do now actually realize it was a scam.

So not only does the contagious virus theory of 2020 require an absolutely fantastical story about billions of viruses acting in concert to pull off a deadly (if brief) uprising against random nations that attempted to lock them down, timed to the very political dates in which hospital protocols were changed, the theory’s supporters must admit they can’t even find a single one of these billions of clever perpetrators in a lab.

What has now been proven however, is that there are very real reasons why we saw a mortality spike after the lock-downs and change in hospital protocols in March of 2020: the lock-downs and change in hospital protocols in March of 2020!

Just to hammer this home, let’s look at this single graph, once again:

great lie

Do notice how the spikes are awfully similar!

So what happened? The massive experimental medical response (to a feared but non-existent contagious disease) resulted in the deaths of millions of people around the world. What forms did this response take? Let’s dig in.

The mass experimentation began with a call from the WHO to subject people to known toxic mega-doses of otherwise regularly used anti-parasitic(insecticide) drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine in the “Solidarity” and “Recovery” “mega” trials — trials that were not only the largest in human history, but that were suddenly called off in late Spring due to what appeared to be their obvious deadly effects… but whose data conveniently became tarnished afterwards and is not now useable for publishable research.  These trials began after the lock-down orders, and ended about two months later.  As Dr. Claus Kohnlein explained in my documentary film The Viral Delusion, in France, these trials were major events; in Germany most hospitals ignored them. In France, we saw a major in uptick in deaths; in Germany we did not.

Of course, these trials were in mostly in Europe. In the US, the mass experimentation on its citizens came through the drug Remdesivir, also known to be highly toxic – and estimated by some to have killed over 100,000 people.

This was likely matched however, by the mass murder of Americans and British citizens, among others, with ventilators and the prescription of ventilator drugs such as Midazolam (as seen in the chart at the top of this essay). Midazolam is a “paralytic” drug – in that it paralyzes you, and it has historically been used for killing people on death row, but was used instead to give to covid patients in the Spring of 2020 to help prepare their bodies for the experiment of “covid-curing” ventilation – a process which was then found to result in mortality rates of 90 percent.  

I have seen it argued that Midazolam and ventilators were given to people who were going to die anyway, so the chart above is misleading… yeah right. First, numerous studies have shown that NOT to be the case; comparisons between ventilated and non-ventilated covid patients are abysmal – ventilation doubled the rate of death at the very least. Second, it is well-known that ventilation WASN’T DONE FOR THE PATIENTS’ BENEFIT, it was done out of fear that if patients were allowed to breathe regularly, they would infect the hospital staff. To claim they would have died anyway is simply to make up hypothetical data. But third, if these patients would have died anyway, then there was no reason for the death numbers to have gone down when hospitals stopped ventilating people and putting them on paralytic drugs. We would have seen deaths INCREASE. According to the (of course completely invalid yet still relied upon) PCR tests, “cases” were continuing to increase not decrease in the summer of 2020. But we didn’t see deaths increase as “cases” increased and ventilators were unplugged – we saw deaths go down when ventilation and other similar “covid” procedures were called off in the early summer.

Of course, not all of the deaths were so quick as to have come from a ventilator. The mass prescription of palliative “end-of-life” drugs given to the elderly who were diagnosed with “covid,” skyrocketed after lock-downs. Sadly, and shockingly, these drugs did have the side effect of significantly increasing the chance whoever is given them will die of pneumonia.

And not all the deaths were directly caused by the medical system, many were indirectly caused by the medical system. The refusal of workers in hospitals and care-homes to treat patients with normal illnesses with known to be helpful procedures seems to have occurred at alarming rates. For in this exact period, from April through May of 2020, we saw a sudden rise in deaths by diabetes, heart attacks, and Alzheimers – all of which occurred at the exact same time as the overall mortality spike around the world in places that locked-down. We even saw deaths of elderly patients who died locked in their room, sick, lonely and desperate for help.

All of this can be captured quite well by comparing what happened in Portugal and Spain. Spain, though it is a far wealthier country, with a far more “advanced” health care system, saw a spike in mortality while Portugal saw none. In fact, 30 times more people died per capita in Spain than in Portugal. What was the difference?

“El País pointed out that [in Portugal] hospital management has been different: since the first cases were confirmed, a network of primary care facilities was pulled together to offer home care to patients. This meant only the most serious cases ended up in hospitals. According to 20 Minutos, 82% of coronavirus patients in Portugal recovered at home, so the health system never reached the stage where it was saturated.” So in Portugal, which locked down AFTER Spain, patients stayed at home and had doctors come and visit them, unable to bring ventilators with them. In Spain, patients were rushed to the hospital, and we saw 30 times the death rate.

There was no new disease. There was no contagious virus. What happened in 2020 was mass medical murder. I am sure most of it was done with good intentions. That is beside the point.

We must stop ignoring the elephant. No more blaming pangolins, or bats, or lab leaks, or wild dogs.  We must stop believing in fairy-tales because the TV news drummed up paranoia and showed pictures of people dying in local hospitals. Yes, people died in local hospitals. Yes, there was a feeling of helplessness, of madness, of incredible danger and fear. But there was no virus.

There was the television. It started with drummed up reports of a new virus. Then there were droves of people who went to the hospital in fear. Then they were killed. Then there was more hysteria. Anything and everything was seen as the new disease. Fear was everywhere.

It was the fear that drove people to the hospital. It was the fear that drove doctors and nurses to experiment upon them. It was the fear that drove care-workers to avoid the sick and the elderly, the mentally-disabled and the obese in need of urgent care.  It was the fear that caused the deaths. It was the fear that drove people into isolation, into misery and into murder.

That is it. It really is that simple.

Were there other factors? Sure, in the very places where deaths were supremely high, such as Milan and Wuhan, the population had ALSO been attacked by the medical system with a massive government campaign to increase flu vaccinations in 2019, while simultaneously dealing with some of the worst air pollution on their continents, and indeed in the world. Is it any surprise they showed up in the hospitals in higher numbers?  Is it any surprise, given the battery of medical assaults they endured when they arrived at the hospital, that they died in higher numbers?

To claim a deadly contagious virus is what killed them, or that any such contagious virus spread in 2020, is to put forth a theory that flies directly in the face of uncontested and easily accessible data, and instead which relies on wild contortions of logic and the very media madness and medical misdiagnosis which caused the deaths and legitimized the lockdowns.

Yet so many still refuse to say it out loud. They say that it’s not politically smart. And we do need a massive political change.

But until we call this out, are we not forever stuck in the illusion that the Great Lie of fascist propaganda in our lifetimes was actually real? Is it that hard to understand?

Is it morally responsible to ignore this? Does reality matter?

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