The Pan Doctrine is Nazi Racial Hygiene Theory Version 2.0 with an extra dose of psychosis

by Toby Rogers March 10, 2022

I want to follow up on Dr. Aaron Kheriaty’s excellent article on the Doctors’ Trial at Nuremberg following World War II:


What Dr. Kheriaty does so well in this article is to show that a set of bad ideas within the medical profession led to the Holocaust. Under the sway of eugenics, German doctors replaced the the Hippocratic Oath with the notion that doctors and the state had a responsibility to serve not the individual but “the ‘health’ of the ‘social organism’ — the volk — as a whole.”

This shift appears subtle at first — it stems from utilitarianism which has been a dominant strand of political theory in the west for centuries. But redirecting a doctor’s responsibility, away from the well-being of the individual to a mythical collective well-being, created a slippery slope that led to the mass murder of people with disabilities, Jews, Gypsies, Roma, Communists, LGBT, and more.

Kheriaty notes that the genocide of the Jews was always described as a public health measure:

Recall that the Jews were routinely demonized by the Nazis as “spreaders of disease.”

Indeed the ghettos that were the staging ground for later transportation to concentration camps were set up under the guise of containing the spread of typhus.

Kheriaty draws a parallel to our current situation by pointing out that vaccine mandates are a breach of the Nuremberg Code that requires informed consent. But I think the situation is even worse than he describes and so I want to go one step further with the analysis.

The Pan Doctrine

Shortly after being awarded my Ph.D. in 2019, I joined thousands of California parents in the fight against SB276 — the bill that removed all medical exemptions to vaccination in order for kids to attend school. Please read that sentence again — SB276 bans all MEDICAL exemptions to vaccination — personal belief exemptions had already been removed by SB277 in 2015. So if you want your child to attend public school in California and your child has already had an adverse reaction to a vaccine or lost a sibling to a fatal vaccine reaction — tough luck, you must continue to vaccinate the child anyway. Under the law, doctors who write medical exemptions are stripped of their license. It is the most draconian anti-science law I’ve ever seen.

Because of SB277 and SB276 California is now a fascist state and thousands of families have had to flee as medical refugees so that their kids could go to school without being poisoned.

SB276 was the work of Senator Richard Pan — a former pediatrician, devoid of normal human emotions, who was selected and groomed by the pharmaceutical industry to be their champion in the legislature. As one of the bluest of blue states, California is where Pharma tests the most extreme fascist policies that they can come up with. Richard Pan is a modern day Josef Mengele and he is one of the people responsible for the explosion in chronic illness amongst California children as a result of iatrogenic injury.

During hearings on SB 276 — before the Assembly and Senate Health and Appropriations Committees, Senator Pan, as the bill’s sponsor, stood at the lectern in the front of the room and grinned like a Cheshire Cat as thousands of parents lined up to voice their opposition to the bill. It was horrifying.

Over the course of the campaign, we became very familiar with Pan’s views because at every hearing he was always given the opportunity to explain the purpose of the proposed law and extra time to respond to arguments against it. In the process (and in subsequent interviews), Pan laid out what I call The Pan Doctrine. During the coronavirus pandemic, The Pan Doctrine has become the ideological approach that guides the Democratic Party’s approach to public health nationwide.

The Pan Doctrine has three elements (picture this in his voice, grinning, explaining to you why you are untermenschen).

1. You are always already diseased. There is no such thing as natural immunity. In California you are presumed diseased unless vaccinated. Vaccines are the only way to control disease. Without vaccines we would all be dead.

2. Because you are always already diseased, if you are unvaccinated you are a threat to spread disease to others, just by breathing, just by existing.

3. Those who are unvaccinated are choosing to remain diseased and are therefore a menace to the well-being of society. So the unvaccinated are by definition terrorists (his word, not mine) and the state has an obligation to do whatever it takes to stop this terrorist threat.

Pan has various metaphors that he uses to make his case (surely developed and focus-group tested by a Pharma PR firm). His favorite is, “your right to swing your fist ends at my nose.” What he means by that is — by virtue of you breathing you are trespassing with your disease into his pure body (his nose), and therefore he has the right to do whatever he wants to you in response to your transgression.

As an example of the pathologies that extend from The Pan Doctrine, during the battle over SB276, Maral Farsi, a member of Governor Newsom’s staff, said that parents of vaccine injured children are “oxygen thieves” — by virtue of breathing these parents were stealing oxygen that rightfully belonged to the obedient members of Team Pharma. This staff person was not disciplined nor even reprimanded and remains on Newsom’s staff today.

The Pan Doctrine is Nazi Racial Hygiene Theory Version 2.0. Richard Pan wants to “cleanse” California of individuals viewed as biological threats to society’s “health.” The only way to remain a member in good standing of society is to submit to as many vaccines as deemed “necessary” by the Pharma State. It’s junk science, it’s eugenics, and it’s fascism. But there is an additional weird twist. Pan’s goal is not health. His goal is for everyone in the state to be chronically ill, disabled, and dependent on the state forever. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

California under The Pan Doctrine is a dystopian science fiction novel come to life.

The Pan Doctrine is psychotic and insane but it has an internal logic that keeps it going. The business model of the California Democratic Party goes like this — the Party is funded by donations from Pharma, the medical establishment (doctors and hospitals), and unions (nurses, prison guards, and teachers). In return for campaign contributions, Dems pass whatever bills these groups hand to them. The bills written by Pharma cause chronic illness rates to skyrocket in the state. This creates extra income for Pharma and hospitals and extra jobs for doctors, nurses, prison guards, and teachers. And, in order to survive, vaccine injured families have to vote Democratic, because keeping the Party in power is the only way to keep their access to healthcare. It’s Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy as a governing philosophy.

And now, thanks to the pandemic unleashed by the Fauci/Wuhan Chimera Virus, The Pan Doctrine has become the governing philosophy of the national Democratic Party. That’s what we are up against — a simple set of bad ideas, that serve a certain set of interests, that lead society over a cliff.

Those are my thoughts for now. I’ll have more to say about this, and calls to action that describe what we might do about this, in the coming days.

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