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‘Among the Luckiest Unlucky’ as COVID-19 Vaccine Injured Person’s Treatment Plan Costs $1.5m Annually

by TrialSite Staff | Nov 16,  2022

Born in Aberdeen, South Dakota, now a resident of St. Paul, Kristie Tarver Estes—a University of South Dakota graduate and former journalist has a story no mainstream newspaper, online or print, wants to tell.

Facing a daily struggle from her post-COVID-19 vaccine injury diagnosed as myositis, she now accesses monoclonal antibody infusions in an effort to treat COVID-19 given she was infected with the virus recently, despite evading the pathogen for nearly three years. With nearly 50 hours now of infusions due to the injury, this latest treatment isn’t novel for the Minnesota resident.

The good news: she doesn’t feel that sick right now. But her struggle has been painful, and frankly, gut-wrenching as the medical establishment, government, industry and often even peers don’t want to hear about post-COVID-19 vaccine injuries. Such a topic doesn’t belong in polite company. But that will likely change due to a confluence of unfolding forces including those affecting Ms. Tarver Estes.

Hers has been a major struggle since receiving the two mRNA-1273 (Moderna) COVID-19 vaccine doses; one in late February, and the other in March 2021. What has unfolded through pain and struggle is a certain awakening—an enlightenment needed for important advances to help others—anywhere from a few hundred thousand to over a million people–struggling with this horrible condition. Thanks to the University of Minnesota, Tarver Estes was finally able to get a proper diagnosis, leading to a care regimen costing $1.5 million per year! Thankfully, Medicare covers her ailments—as Tarver Estes put it she is “among the luckiest unlucky.”

Her recent editorial was “allowed” in The South Dakota Standard, a local independent online media published by John Tsitrian and Tom Lawrence. At least, at this point, it’s mostly only independent media that will publish such stories, although from time to time the mainstream will dip their toes into this uncomfortable topic.

The government’s fervent mission to vaccinate anyone and everyone has come at a grave cost: First Amendment principles, questionable legal, financial, and business entanglements of industry and government; omission of mounting injury claims and much more.

Feeling “abandoned by government, medical organizations and big pharma that invented the vaccines,” Ms. Tarver Estes reinforces what others covering this matter know– that companies like Moderna and Pfizer “don’t recognize or acknowledge the vaccine injury.”

As covered in the independent The South Dakota Standard, the following is an overall timeline of reactions associate with Tarver Estes’ post-COVID-19 vaccine injury:

Observation or Event Date Description
Full series COVID-19 vaccination with mRNA-1273 Feb & March 2021 Days after the first jab in late Feb 2021 Ms. Tarver Estes reports “a splotchy upper right arm.”
Ten days after each vaccine administration Nights of painful, restless leg syndrome.
Sometime after that first ten days Still muscles and joints
Starting in April 2021 Ms. Tarver Estes’ toes became black and blue while going into her bathtub.
April 2021 (month after second shot) She awoke with a stabbing, electrical pain in both hands which was diagnosed as bilateral carpal tunnel—as she wonders aloud “both hands overnight with no previous symptoms.” She notes that neither her EMG doctor nor hand surgeon had witnessed previously
Spring & Summer 2021 Tarver Estes became “immobile” with intensifying or what she refers to as “the greatest pain, fatigue, insomnia and weakness of my 66 years.”
Summer 2022 Ongoing maladies—feeling “virtually frozen without any medical solutions.” Ongoing tests previously had failed to identify any conclusive diagnosis associated with multiple symptoms.


She most definitely had connected her conditions to the COVID-19 vaccine, reporting the injuries to both V-safe and VAERS even though, she states, “It kinda felt like I was feeding information into quicksand. It was being buried deep and just kept sinking.”

Outreach to the Mayo Clinic “was denied” as if she wasn’t a case for any specialty services at a major tertiary center. For a description of Mayo Clinic’s Mission and Values follow the link.

A Chance Encounter Opens Up

A happenstance encounter on the Mississippi River changed Tarver Estes future course. Meeting Suzanna Newell, who also happened to be vaccine injured, led to a life changing direction. Newell’s experience coincided with Tarver Estes, although it derived from the second jab with BNT162b2, the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine. Newell shared that the University of Minnesota’s emergency room had helped her.

This important informal networking and resource sharing, as it turns out, is how the COVID-19 vaccine injured find the rare help that is available.

What unfolded from there?

  • Tarver Estes followed the advice of Newell and visited the University of Minnesota.
  • First tests in July produce “worrisome readings” while bizarre changes start occurring—her “narrow feet had swollen to resemble rectangular boxes,” for example.
  • Accelerated specialists appointment—rheumatologist meeting set for August—where she was diagnosed, surprisingly, with the rare muscle wasting disease called myositis. This affects 1 in 100,000. Note TrialSite covers post-COVID-19 vaccine injury case series/case reports and this diagnosis (myositis) has manifested with the vaccine. For example, Massachusetts General Hospital found the Moderna mRNA vaccine associated with localized necrotizing inflammatory myositis. See the link. The two specialist investigators associated with that finding were Jenifer Li, MD and Seth Bloom, MD, PhD.
  • Included in the diagnosis — AntiSynthetase Syndrome inclusive of evidence of AntiJo1 antibodies.
  • As a consequence of this diagnosis, Ms. Tarver Estes was given prednisone then and now currently receives prednisone, methotrexate, daily supplements, and monthly three-day IVIG transfusions at a price tag of $1.5 million per annum!
  • Ms. Newell, Tarver Estes went on to found Minnesota’s Team Humanity, a group for COVID-19 vaccine injured in that state (more below).

What are the Numbers?

There has been no formal study, and the government, at least publicly, isn’t tracking these figures, so everything is speculation to some extent. About 69.1% of America’s population is deemed “fully vaccinated,” meaning they have received either a two shot primary series involving either Pfizer or Moderna or received the one-shot Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) vaccine now used far less.

This equals 646,524,294 doses covering 227.8 million people. TrialSite reported that after a judge forced the disclosure of the government’s V-Safe data, an analysis found that 7.7% of a total of 10 million vaccinated persons experienced a health event, self-reporting the need for medical attention, emergency room intervention, and/or hospitalization.

However, due to numerous limitations of the V-Safe data, 7.7% probably isn’t a sound scientific assumption. TrialSite estimates that post-COVID-19 vaccine injury rate is lower—in a range of a tenth of one percent to half a percent (maybe up to 1% over time, but that will take formal longitudinal observational studies) of the total vaccinated population.

Importantly, although “rare,” this nonetheless leads to a large number of seriously injured persons due to the scale of the mass vaccination program. TrialSite suggests the number of truly COVID-19 vaccines injured from 250,000 to 1.5 million persons.

TrialSite’s founder Daniel O’Connor shared, “That’s a lot of people, and over time, a lot of cost to the society in the form of uncovered health care expenditures. That will further push up health care costs.”

Importantly, these vaccines were mandated by the Biden administration, meaning all sorts of workers needed to get these vaccines at the federal, state, and local level, otherwise they could lose their jobs. This media declared that the unorthodox regulatory approval initially of the Pfizer-BioNTech product was to form a legal basis for imminent mandates last year. Of course, the court rejected some of the mandates, but important other orders were left alone.

Problematically, there isn’t really any recourse for the vaccine injured at the present time. This media was one of the first—if not the first—to break down the PREP Act and how not only COVID-19 vaccine makers but also the entire supply chain including the health providers benefit from total immunity from claims.

As described by The South Dakota Standard, any such injuries fall under the authority of the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP), which the editors rightfully remind “has a long history of unresponsiveness to claimants.”

The local news suggests a better model, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), under HHS HRSA with a three-year filing deadline and reimbursement for medical expenses as well as other catastrophic costs. The editorial of that media suggests “making it retroactive” so as to qualify vaccine injured persons currently deemed ineligible for compensation prior to any bill passage.

Tarver Estes reports she is “among the luckiest unlucky.” Why? “A conclusive diagnosis” led to a treatment plan and Medicare coverage; an important milestone given the $1.5 million per annum price tag for her care.

Given the age range of the vaccine injured, from small children to the elderly, a comprehensive scheme must be put into action to enable care and coverage. But first, this necessitates acknowledgement as to the more pervasive nature of the condition. There is a lot of work to do for those that want to do the right thing.

COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Groups

Numerous groups have formed, many online that fight a constant censorship battle. One recent article noted the use of codes—like various emojis– for these groups to try to survive Facebook censorship algorithms. See the report on Yahoo News.

The South Dakota Standard introduced “Team Humanity” which represents Minnesotans who “have lost their health, jobs, and homes because of COVID vaccine injuries and need help now.” That group was launched by Ms. Newell, Tarver Estes, and others in the Land of 10,000 Lakes seeking to organize and work to get post-COVID-19 vaccine injuries the help they need.

React19 represents the largest post-COVID-19 vaccine injury group led by Bri Dressen and Joel WallskogTrialSite covered a recent direct action sponsored by React19 in Washington DC. That article written by Mary Beth Pfeiffer can be reviewed here.

With tens of thousands of members, the React19 vaccine injury group has grown rapidly in just a year and needs support including financial donations. TrialSite cannot stress enough the importance of patient/consumer-led groups in a democratic society to call out issues of product liability and the impacts on consumers.

TrialSite has partnered with React19 to support as well as introduce TrialSite Groups, a free and safe digital zone to share information about resources, providers, and other important services associated with medical research—less any censorship. It turns out that pharmaceutical manufacturers have huge influence, not only over the media but also the social networks. Check out the COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Support Group in TrialSite Groups.

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